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Two Thirds Sky
Not To Scale 2013

Not to Scale sees the collapse of the musician and dancer space. Three performers (Laura Gibson, John Ross and composer/player Matt Roberts) scale an early 20th Century upright rehearsal piano. Lifting its lid, hammering its heart strings and searching for its new voice.

The project was the result of a eight day research and development residency at the University of Northampton, and is a work-in progress for a larger scale performance to be developed by the company.

Choreography: Lisa Spackman
Dancers: Laura Gibson and John Ross

Music composition / Collaborative performer: Matt Roberts

Documentation: Theresa Haworth

Lighting Design: Gareth Risdale

Performances: We Are Dancer, Castle Theatre Wellingborough, 2013

Not To Scale Image
Not To Scale (2013)


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Photography by Rachel Cherry
and Theresa Haworth

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