Two Thirds Sky 


This piece went through a series of incarnations starting with a response to a haunting piece by Arvo Pärt (2001) An den Wassern zu Babel Saßen Wir und Weinten (by the rivers of Babel we sat and wept). 


Choreographer’s note

I initially created two solos with my dancers, whose movement language derived from different traditions. Laura’s classical/contemporary style and Antoine’s b-boy/capoeira background were then placed against one another to create a new dynamic. This studio research project allowed us to interpret and ultimately decipher one another’s process - and to find common ground.


The first performance of this work was at Two Thirds Sky’s residency launch at The Castle Theatre, UK. (2014)



Choreography: Lisa Spackman

Music: Arvo Pärt (2001) An den Wassern zu Babel Saßen Wir und Weinten 

Dancers: Antoine Marc and Laura Gibson

Lighting: Gareth Risdale


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